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Las respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes

Si se encuentra con algún problema, es casi seguro una solución aquí.
Cannot log in

Most likely the username or password you entered is incorrect. If you believe the data you entered was correct, try to delete the stored "cookies" for This is done as follows: For the Firefox browser:

Open Tools -> Settings -> Privacy -> remove individual cookies link. In the search box type "grandgames" and presses the button to delete all cookies.

Google Chrome browser:

Menu -> Settings -> Scroll to the heading "Personal data" -> button content settings -> the button "all files, cookies, and site data" -> in the search box type grandgames -> Delete all.

Opera browser:

Menu -> Settings -> tab "advanced" -> cookies -> Manage cookies link -> in the search box type grandgames, highlight all and subdomains, and press the delete button. The list should be cleared completely.

After removing the cookies try to log in again. If you still can't log in, your username or password may have changed. If you gave an e-mail address in your registration profile, you can access password recovery.

Why are there puzzles that are marked as less than 100% solvable?
Solvability is the ratio of the number of cells that can be identified by the simplest matching methods to the total number of cells. In fact our Analyzator solves almost any nonogram puzzles and even finds the number of possible solutions to those which are not solved uniquely. If it says that a crossword puzzle has only one solution, then the solution is unique, and if the solvability is 100%, then careful study of the legend makes the answer elementary. If less than 100%, then after finding the specified percentage of cells, there is a problem with the continuation of the solution. Finding the remaining cells will require guessing or trial and error.
How do I have my speed for a jigsaw or sudoku puzzle recorded?
Speed is considered to be only for those players who solve the puzzle in a single session, without making saves or downloads. Even if you've just opened the page in a prior session but not even begun, the speed will not be counted.
How do I get rid of the ads?
Players participating actively in the life of the site may be asked to disable the advertising via the feedback form. Leaving only two small announcement.
The site is slow or just doesn't work.
Most likely, your browser is out of date and does not support some of the modern web technology used on the site. We recommend the use of the latest versions of modern browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
When I try to work a nonogram puzzle, sometimes I get thrown to a different page..
Most likely, your browser settings have enabled mouse gestures. This function is in Opera and other browsers. Disconnect the control gestures in your browser settings or use another browser.
I finished a nonogram, but when I press [Check check], the system says that it has not been resolved.
That means the nonogram has not been solved correctly. If the nonogram has multiple possible solutions, only one is considered to be correct. Press [Find Errors Find Errors] and it will tell you how many cells are filled incorrectly compared to the one approved solution, and marks the first 5 of them from the top-left with a colored cross. Note that it does not check blank squares, so if you haven't been marking empty cells, it might tell you you have no errors when you actually have several!
I finished a nonogram, but it hasn't been counted.
Once you think the nonogram has been completed, you need to press [Check check]. If it is correct and complete, a message will appear asking you to rate the puzzle. If it is not done, a message will appear telling you the puzzle is not yet resolved.
Is it possible to make cross-outs in the legend brighter or dimmer?
The image for the crosses can be chosen in your profile. This is only for the marks on the legend. The marks for blank cells on the grid are unaffected.
Some of the dividing lines between cells have vanished.
The browser controls have been used to zoom the page, instead of the [Cell -] or [Cell +] buttons. It is necessary to return the scale to 100%. This is usually done by pressing the [CTRL] + [0] keys on the keyboard, or pressing [CTRL] and scrolling the mouse wheel.
Si no encuentra aquí la solución a su problema, escríbenos a foro.
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