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The Flemish Proverbs

2018-11-29 14:59 IglWin Monedas50 Etapas de la10 T224 B16 S22 G14   Rompecabezas en línea

La misión #54. Collecting the puzzle of the 9 fragments based on paintings by Bruegel the elder\'s \"the World upside down\" or \"Flemish Proverbs.\" This work materialized Proverbs from the folklore of the Netherlands from the 16th century, many of them already forgotten. The picture is divided into 9 fragments of equal size. You have to fold each of them (13x9) to get the whole picture.

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el-el Online 231 34 Solver Rank
! #354953   2019-09-29 14:52
Thanks for the interesting mission!party

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elena130761 Last login: 2020-03-30 02:37:54 607 31 Solver Rank
! #384478   2020-01-09 20:17
The mission is very interesting,but quite difficult for me,not enough time on some puzzles,we had to collect several times.But thanks anyway,it was very exciting!!!vertuhavertuhavertuhavertuhavertuha

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