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Terms of Use

1. General provisions

  1. (hereinafter referred to as the SITE) is a software and hardware complex, as well as textual and graphical information accessed through the domains,,,
  2. Using the SITE functionality, or having passed the registration procedure, the user is considered to have accepted the terms of this Agreement in full. If the user disagrees with any of the provisions of the Agreement, the user does not have the right to use the SITE and must delete his account.
  3. If you make changes to this Agreement with which the user does not agree, he must stop using the SITE and delete his account.
  4. The site administration may make changes to this Agreement without notice to the user.
  5. The current version of the Agreement is always located on this page

2. Description of SITE services

  1. A SITE is a free online service where every user can play games, solve puzzles, create and upload them themselves
  2. Registered users can communicate with each other using text and image messages, leave comments on sections of the site that are available for public viewing.
  3. The functionality of the site is provided "as is", without any obligations, no errors and guarantees of 100% efficiency.

3. Creating and downloading content

Any registered user can independently download content to the site (text and graphic information), and also download and create puzzles (Japanese crossword puzzles, puzzles, flash games, etc.) using the software capabilities of the site.

  1. Users are personally responsible for any materials they upload to the site. The administration of the site is not responsible for the publication of users that go against the laws of any country.
  2. The user guarantees that the content downloaded to the site or created using the site functionality:
    1. Does not contain scenes of violence, pornography and other immoral things
    2. Does not contain scenes that can ignite an ethnic conflict
    3. Does not contain scenes that offend the feelings and dignity of others
    4. Is not subject to exclusive copyright of others
  3. The author grants the SITE administration the right to use content uploaded to the site or created using the site's functionality as follows:
    1. refusal to publish or delete;
    2. public display
    3. Edit and edit
    4. spread;
    5. commercial use;
    6. transfer of these rights to third parties
  4. After adding public information to the site that is used to operate, or describing games and puzzles, the user does not have the right to request removal.
  5. Any content can be deleted by the administration from the SITE at its own discretion, as well as with the official request of the controlling bodies or rightholders.

4. Processing of personal data

In accordance with the Regulation on the Protection of the Personal Data of the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) of April 27, 2016, below are the data that can be collected by the SITE and third-party projects.

  1. We keep the user ID, session ID, interface settings, and other data necessary for the correct functioning of the SITE in COOCKIES files and the WebStorage mechanism of your browser.
  2. Any text and graphic information entered by the user in the interface of the site, as well as automatically downloaded from the social networks during registration, information about the user's browser, its Internet connection and geographic location, information about any user actions can be stored in the SITE information storage devices, and also with the help of analytics modules of Yandex and Google companies embedded in the SITE.
  3. In order to identify violations of site rules, as well as analysis of behavior, determination of interests and preferences of users, the site administration can analyze any information specified in paragraph 4.2 with the help of any software.
  4. Content created by users and available on the SITE without authorization can be indexed and available through any search engines and other software and hardware complexes that collect information from Internet sites in an automatic mode.

5. Other conditions

  1. It is forbidden to hold contractual matches in board games, as well as agreements between players about achieving certain results in tournaments, a fight and other sections of the site that are of a competitive nature
  2. It is prohibited to conduct on a large scale contractual trade in gaming items at artificially low / inflated prices, ignoring the prepossessions of other users on the market. Trade should be fair.
  3. When solving speed-fixing puzzles, as well as in combat mode, you can not use third-party programs and browser add-ons to facilitate the solution.
  4. It is forbidden to flood, spam and advertise in the comments, posting links to sites with a similar analogy to, insulting in rude form other players and the site’s administration, their persecution, creating an unhealthy atmosphere that causes negative emotions of other players.
  5. It is forbidden to copy site materials without the consent of the administration.
  6. You can not use browser add-ons or other software products that block ads from appearing on the site.
  7. It is forbidden to place hints in puzzles in comments to them, except for hints hidden in Spoiler.
  8. It is forbidden to use multiple accounts by one player.
  9. The site administration reserves the right at any time:
    • Limit the ability to comment and add posts
    • Limit the possibility of moderating puzzles
    • Limiting trading opportunities in the market, the availability of inventory and the number of game coins
    • Block account
    • Block the ability to access a site with specific IP addresses

If you do not agree with any clause of these rules, you should refuse to use the site.

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