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Cualquier persona puede donar una pequeña cantidad de apoyo y el desarrollo del sitio web. La traducción se realiza en los rublos rusos con tarjeta de crédito o yandex.dinero. Servicio prestado por la empresa de Yandex. En toda ucrania use VPN, así como Yandex bloqueado en el país.
Support 2038 Admin
! #374573   2019-12-05 16:12
Each donate user will receive 1 donate coin for every 100 rubles

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mostanina Last login: 2021-01-17 21:42:51 43 Solver Rank  2019-12-05 16:54 + 3
Well, there is a great opportunity to get the sticker "Thank you for donation"!:haha
And then, very expensive too it turns out with the three that unobtanium!shocking
NATAKAPA Last login: 2021-01-17 19:26:21 46 Solver Rank  2019-12-05 17:07 + 0
@Support, please explain, the offer comes into force from today?
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Lysva Last login: 2021-01-17 23:37:44 1378 42 Solver Rank
! #385100   2020-01-12 10:16
Indeed, the "Ore package", "Unreal drop", "Super drop", "Super lucky", all time premium, you can get in green recipes - but what about the resource Pack, a Lottery pack, a Set of Goodies, a Set of artifacts and other? Was very popular, and now they can only get the achievements. Package resources is essential. On the market, running resources for 2 coins (new prices) fly, you take on 3 - a little expensive.

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