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For smartphones and tablets based on Android...

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! #461661   2020-12-09 19:01
For smartphones and tablets based on Android, we officially have the "GrandGames Puzzles" application:


It consists of offline and online parts that complement each other.

phone The offline part is called by the bottom "application" button. Its main advantage is the ability to solve some types of puzzles, even if there is no Internet or the site is not available. In addition, it works very quickly, puzzles load much faster than on the website.


Other advantages of offline mode:

Improved optimization - the application itself understands in which mode to show the puzzle vertically or horizontally, to switch to full-screen mode or not.
Puzzles can be solved an unlimited number of times to improve your score. The timer only starts running when you touch the screen. All solution control is hidden in one button, which does not interfere at all, it can be freely dragged. Almost 100% of the visible screen is used for the game.
If you decide on the site, after logging into your account, your solutions and save are downloaded automatically.
When making a decision in the application, it automatically transfers this information to the site. If at the time of the solution there was no Internet connection, you can synchronize the information later, when it appears, by pressing one button "synchronize".

The disadvantages for the current one include: the presence of only some types of puzzles, the lack of hints and the fact that only coins are credited for the assessment (as when crafting is turned off).

inyan The online part of the application has 100% the same functionality as in the regular version of the site, but more optimized for smartphones and tablets.
You can call it using the buttons - "Site", "Feed" or "Account". In addition, through the online version, you can download puzzles and solve them using offline functionality, and vice versa, launch the online version of the puzzle from offline mode, for example, if you need to view comments, statistics and other information about it.





The current (as of 06/21/2021) version is 2.10. You can see the work of the offline part of the application in the video demonstrating the old version 1.03 (it is still without the online part, but the offline functionality has changed little):

Download and don't forget to rate the app on Google Play. Your feedback and ratings are very important.

Whether you decide only mojong or only sokoban, we have separate specialized applications:
Mahjong :

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Support Admin  2021-03-24 20:20 + 5
Вышла новая версия приложения 2.04 в которую теперь интегрирован старый веб-клиент. Это значит, теперь в рамках одного приложения, вы можете не только решать ряд головоломок в более удобной форме, но и пользоваться всеми остальными функциями, которые есть на сайте.

Support Admin  2021-06-21 12:17 + 1
Вышла новая версия: 60 (2.10). Появилась возможность скачать головоломки для решения оффлайн из онлайн части и наоборот - открывать онлайн версию из приложения. Обновлена структура меню, исправлены ошибки с отображением на старых телефонах. Теперь можно открывать непосредственно с главной страницы каталог пазлов и японских кроссвордов.
NinetySeven Online 32 Solver Rank  2021-06-21 18:20 + 2
Ого.... Тут есть оффлайн-режим??? Я не знал) Пригодится
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